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We are very lucky at White Lodge to live in rural East Sussex next to the South Downs National Park.

We are keen to do what we can to preserve that beauty by doing what we can to minimize our impact on the environment whilst maintaining high levels of luxury and comfort for our guests.


The House...

House renovations have delivered an EPC rating of C due to masses of insulation

The house is heated by the use of sustainable wood pellets that fuel the new biomass boiler

Solar panels top up the hot water and provide electricity for the Aga

The wood-burning stove is fueled from our woodland

Water meter and our showers, house zones and radiators are thermostatically controlled

Outdoor and indoor lamps use low energy bulbs

Low energy and A rated electrical appliances

We have private drainage and rainwater harvesting

The house is double glazed throughout

Non-smoking establishment

Electronic transfer of information to save paper



We recycle all paper, cardboard, cans and bottles fortnightly with the council collection

Were possible recycling facilities and charities are used for other items

Kitchen waste and garden materials are composted

Biodegradable 'green' products are used for all on site cleaning and laundry


Sourcing Local Produce…

We buy local produce from suppliers actively demonstrating good animal husbandry and welfare

Our eggs are free range from happy hens that are organically fed on our doorstep

Home baked products are a specialty

Wherever possible, we purchase Fair Trade products

We never knowingly use genetically modified foods


Supporting Local Wildlife…

The garden, wood and paddock are wildlife rich with deer, toads, butterflies and birds

All pheasants, woodpeckers, nuthatches, garden birds and moorhens are fed

Paddock meadow with wildflowers left to seed and wild brambles for the birds

Tree management in woodland to assist wildlife habitats

We avoid using chemicals in the garden


You May Like To Help By….


Bed Linen And Towels

To minimize water and detergent use bed linen will be changed every seven days unless you ask or with every set of new guests

Please hang your towels on the towel radiators for reuse, we ask you to use them for at least 2 days to minimize your environmental impact.


Walk Or Cycle

Explore the local area direct from the door using the route maps provided



Do not override the preset temperature of your shower it’s set for a perfect shower


Help Save Energy

Switch off the lights when you leave your room

Turn off the television, do not leave on standby

Close your curtains in winter to retain extra heat

Turn the radiator thermostat down/off if you find the room too warm, rather than opening a window



Leave your rubbish in your room so we can recycle it for you


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