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All Aboard The Flying Scotsman!

Today we have the pleasure of more Flying Scotsman visitors at White Lodge bed and breakfast a luxury B&B near The Bluebell Railway. It's only a 10 minutes drive to Sheffield Park Station were you can board The Flying Scotsman until tomorrow or enjoy many of the other trains on the heritage line every day of the week all year. For the enthusiast you can even learn to drive a train!

Yesterday Martin and I enjoyed an afternoon out with our friend Donna on The world famous Flying Scotsman. Enjoy some of the video footage taken over the weekend whist we were in the train!

Tonight guests enjoy a birthday treat with the full Gala dining experience on board The Flying Scotsman. We just watched the delicious food go past from our private carriage to the guests attending the wedding onboard, what an experience that must have been!

The Flying Scotsman was built in Doncaster in 1923, it was in 1934, that the Scotsman was clocked at 100mph on a special test run - officially the first locomotive in the UK to have reached that speed! It did not reach that speed yesterday but we would have missed the beautiful views of the Sussex countryside swathed by primroses and bluebells!

Why not plan your trip on the Bluebell Railway this summer for a Murder Mystery Evening, Ale Evening, Afternoon Tea or dine in The Golden Arrow for lunch or dinner in the 1920's Pullman car.

Full train timetable can be found at

Book you tickets by calling 01825 720800 or email for details at Remember to book your luxury stay at White Lodge Sussex bed and breakfast near Lewes for a complete experience!

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