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Christmas Tree Walk At Sheffield Park

Always fabulous at any time of year but this week my friend Donna and I enjoyed a lovely stroll around Sheffield Park to see the Christmas Tree Walk. The national trust property is only a ten minute drive from White Lodge and a great place to walk dogs every day after 1.30pm.

The mist was coming off the lakes and it was very a cold crisp day very different from the week before with blue skies but still stunning!

For the month of December Sheffield Park re-name Conifer walk and transform it into Christmas tree Walk!

The special Christmas trees are:

Mirror tree which is a Brewers Weeping Spruce - Christmas sparkle has been created using mirrors. They mimic the droplets of rain that hang from the branches of this tree after a good soaking!

Number tree - Canadian Hemlock. Its very informative and here you can find out the biggest, tallest and oldest trees in the garden via the decorations.

White tree - Lawson Cypress this was our favourite of all it look stunning with its bright white decorations it amazing what style of decorations that can be made from straws! This design comes from the fact that Sheffield Park is a cold garden (last week there was still ice on the lakes mid afternoon) In January 1891 the lakes froze so completely that the third Earl and his guests were able to play a game of cricket on the ice!

Bird feeder tree - Chinese Fir. Passionate about having wildlife thrive the garden was alive with tits and nut hatches enjoying the fat balls. This would not last long at home the squirrels would have it!

Big and bold tree - Wilsons's Spruce a huge challenge to decorate due to its scale! Every lake tree and shrub in Sheffield Park has been designed over the years for maximum impact and effect.

Recycling tree - Hinoki Cypress the decorations on this are all made from recycled things - milk bottle tops, and cans are very effective! All the decorations have been made by volunteers and staff. perhaps next years local schools could get involved and each school have a tree?!

Inspired you can make any of the decorations Or you can make an outdoor tree from logs, feeling inspired and very festive at

White Lodge luxury B&B Lewes were we will be welcoming guests through the Christmas holidays and New Year. To check accommodation availability for your short stay in Lewes check out our booking page or those of our colleagues at

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