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Sourdough September

I first was inspired to make my own bread 10 years ago. The trigger was the wonderful bread made by our local artisan bakery at Firle which we discovered at the fantastic farmers market in Lewes. Making sourdough remains challenging especially during the summer weather as it seems to affect the starter mix and the proving or overproving timing! I am delighted to have inspired others by sharing my recipe and starter mix with other keen B&B owners recently. Tony has made his first loaves and they look and taste great and are being enjoyed by guests across Lewes.

At White Lodge we pride ourselves in home cooked food and have been delighted with our guest reviews the Irish Wheaten bread and the sourdough are firm favourites and there are alot of bacon sandwiches being eaten this week consumed between lovely fresh sourdough. Feeling inspired? Join the real bread campaign and get baking this September or come try out breakfast at our luxury bed and breakfast White Lodge in Lewes!

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